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Schedule a Zoom or Phone Consultation with Sharon Thayer!

Fifteen-time award-winning author and industry expert Sharon Thayer leads our team. She has over fifteen years of experience in the writing and publishing world and knows what it takes to create an award-winning picture book. Sharon will provide you with personalized advice and strategies to help you find your focus and accomplish each step on the road to publishing your book. All author consultations are customized for aspiring and established authors alike.


Whether you’re just starting out or looking for more insight into your next book, we’re here to help. Get in touch and let’s get started on your journey to success!

Sharon Thayer with her book

7 Success

with Sharon Thayer

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First Consultation: Finding your focus

  • This is a prerequisite to all other consulting sessions.

  • Send your manuscript or story idea prior to your session to be read by Sharon. (NDA will be signed.)

  • Together we will define and clarify your vision and goals before outlining the steps necessary to reach your objectives.

  • Two hours one-on-one with Sharon $300 ($150/hour)

Continuing Consultations

  • Choose from the list of Seven Success Sessions

  • Cost for each two-hour consultation: $250 each ($125/hour)

  • For help choosing which seminars will benefit you the most or for a discount on 3 or more sessions call:



Seven Sessions of one-on-one consulting with

Sharon Thayer.

Ink Jet Printer

4 Show Don’t Tell
(Two Hours)

  • Create a deeper reader connection with this crucial skill.

  • Break down what you need to tell.

  • Explore different ways to show.

  • Lots of examples and exercises.

writing outline

1 Finding Your Focus
(Two Hours)

  • Define and clarify your vision and goals.

  • Turn your big dream into reality with step-by-step actions and timelines.

  • Who, what, what, when, why, and more.

Financial Report

5 Marketing and Sales Plans
(Two Hours)

  • Marketing materials and give-aways.

  • Selling online, retail, wholesale, schools..

  • Book synopsis, signings, & booth set-ups.

Writing with Pen

2 Development 
(Two hours)

  • Structure, content, and character development.

  • Rhyme, rhythm, repetition, and finding your voice.

  • Dialogue, tense, point-of-view, and word count.

Grammer Editing

6 Editing
(Two Hours)

  • Different types of editing.

  • Self and professional editing.

  • Crucial elements of the first and last lines of your story.

  • Critiques.

  • Content edit by Sharon

UX Design Team

3 Illustrations and book layout
(Two Hours)

  • Choosing an art style

  • Learn how to choose, pay, and work with an illustrator and graphic artist.

  • Page turns, front and back matter, ISBN, Copyright, LLC number, and more. 

Image by 2H Media

7 Wrap-Up
(1 or more hours)

  • You will decide the content of this session.

  • Where do you still need guidence?

Call for a 15-minute one-on-one assessment
of your needs, get discounts for multiple sessions,
and to book your appointment.
Call Sharon: 903-871-9872

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