"To the Ends of the Earth"

Carousel Publishing - Sharon Thayer


A lyrical “love story” that goes beyond all borders. 
To the Ends of the Earth is a journey of love
from the moment it comes into your
world, through the challenges it brings,
as you travel through wild storms, over steep mountains,
across mighty oceans, and through the deepest jungles,
ever pushing forward, fueled by love’s unlimited power.
Through our lives we all lose our smile once in a while.
We get bored, sick, upset, lost, or afraid.
When that happens, our burdens are greatly lightened,
by someone who will, literally,
go to the ends of the earth for us.
This is a story to share with the loved ones
who have gone to the ends of the earth for you,
 the ones for which you will travel the distance,
and those of future generations
who continue the ever-spinning cycle of love. 
ISBN # 978-0-9766239-9-1
Format: Hardcover: silver embossed with dust jacket
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Includes the backstory told by the author
Pages: 36
For ages 4-8