I Can Fly! Reviews

     If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!

"Some stories give roots, some give wings–this story gives both." Neita Fran Ward, BFA, MLS

"Such a beautiful book standing on the to send inspiration during times when a loved one is brink of change: graduation, new career, parenthood, or heading into countless other frontiers." – Christian Y. Mother/ Librarian

"If we could give all children this message, what power they would have to become whatever they dream." Betsy R. Third grade teacher

"Like the beloved classic Peter Pan, this book fulfills the unique dreams of flight in its own special way."  Joan Hallmark, Talk Show Host and Producer KLTV

"This book made me think about the people in my life who helped me believe that I could fly. It made me realize there are people I need to tell. Thank you for a perfectly lovely gift!" Lynn C. Single Mother/Accountant

"One has to wonderhow would our lives have been different if someone had told us that we could fly!" – Margaret A. Retired

 "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, with a message that softly flows from the pages into your heart." – Beatrice P. Grandmother

"This book, with its encouraging words and true-to-life illustrations, touched my heart at such a deep level! Sharon knows, and put words to the importance of giving encouragement to persons of all ages. At 83 years of age it took me back to the child inside that longs to be encouraged and reminded that I can indeed still fly." – Darce M

Beautiful Book with Stunning Watercolor Pictures "A beautiful book about transitions as your young ones leave home for the first time. Starting with a caterpillar that eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly followed by a baby hummingbird, a beetle, an eagle and more all start out as young, unable to fly beings. That voice inside them and the help of their family enable them to learn everything they need to eventually fly.  It is something all living things eventually have to do.

As parents we need to remember it is our job to prepare our children to leave the nest so to speak so as hard as the transition is whether it is the teen years, college, a new apartment, we need to give our children the tools to believe they can fly. If we let them believe, they can! Great gift!" Amazon Review, Maria Gagliano