To the Ends of the Earth Reviews

         To the Ends of the Earth

The best family-love story! "This is my six-year-old son's favorite bedtime story! It's so touching and beautiful to read and see!" Amazon Customer             

Incredible Book! "This is such a beautiful story! It truly sums up the incredible love that you can have for a child!! My kids absolutely adore this book. It is so imaginative yet makes you smile and take a step back to think about the lengths that you would go to for your children. It is very heartwarming and something that my family will truly enjoy for years to come!!"  Amazon Review 

A book for those you will love unconditionally  "I love this book by Sharon Thayer. It would be a wonderful gift to those that you will love "To the Ends of the Earth". The message with imaginative illustrations reminds me of the Love you Forever book. Even though it is a children's book, I believe it is appropriate for all ages."

“A lively world tour of childhood fears calmed by love. As a little girl I would’ve slept with it under my pillow.” Catherine Ross, Associate Professor of English, University of Texas at Tyler

I was touched, because it made me feel so loved. It deserves a special place in my collection of favorite books.” -Miguel, age 9
 “A wonderfully, imaginative story of the lengths a mother will go to help her child. Perfect for bedtime!” -Anna Blaser, Mother of two

What a powerful way to teach love and security, you’ve done it again, Ms. Sharon!!” -Jerry Underwood, Old Warrior and Great Grampa
"The beautiful artwork brings magic to the story. It's a sweet book to grow up with.” Luannie, 12
“This story makes me smile, remembering how I felt as a young mother, when every day was a new adventure growing more in love with my children. I love this book!”  Penny Bryant, Library Director

“The colorful descriptive language and catchy rhyme scheme evoked memories from my childhood. Memories of my mother saying good night to me, her cologne, and the sense of security I felt. I believe this book will give that same feeling of security to others.” Sonja Watson, Childcare Center Executive Director