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School Presentations for K-8  by Sharon Thayer

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All presentations are customized for your schedule, audience, and goals.  Many topics can be tailored from a half-hour talk to a half-day presentation/workshop format.

Here is a list of skills that are, or can be, included in Sharon’s programs to help you meet Educational Standards.

Writing skills: sequencing, parts of a story, character and setting descriptions, genre options, audience considerations, writing a complete story, following directions, revising, editing, and publishing.

Oral & Listening skills: comprehension, memorization, main and supporting ideas, embellishment, and customization.

School Presentations & Workshops:

  • You Can Fly!: Sharon shares her motivational story as she inspires students to dream big, set goals, and be willing to do the work as they take flight toward success. An inspirational presentation for assemblies, graduation, and award banquets.
  • I Can Fly! Workshop: Students make their own “I Can Fly” book. After defining dreams and goals, students will make their own inspirational book or wall collage. Workshop includes a goal worksheet and blank books or boards for an artistic creation. A great project for students preparing for graduation/continuation that can be mounted on the wall -  collage style - for a powerful statement to other students, staff, and parents.
  • Climbing Your Mountain! We will explore metaphors as we build a model for success to prepare students for climbing their own mountains. Setting goals, mapping, and packing for your trek to the top.  Add a workshop where students choose one goal and define the steps for achievement while creating their own map for success. Working with classroom and/or art teachers, we will define the parameters for a school-year goal and create maps (2’ x 3’) to display on the wall. At intervals throughout the year, students will assess their progress and adjust their course.
  • Could You be an Award-winning Author? With the power of dreams and the benefit of teams you too can write, publish, and achieve honors. Sharon shares her story “An Accidental Author” as she explains what it takes to be an author, helping students to understand strengths, weaknesses, and the fact that no one has a clean shot to the top. Add a workshop where students will become the author and/or illustrator of their own book. Using an 8-page blank board book students will progress from an idea to a completed book with their name on the cover. Teacher and/or art teacher will help set parameters for the project.
  • Cooking up a Story: Mixing-up the essential ingredients and baking a story to perfection. A fun interactive program using familiar stories as we play with story parts and sequencing options. A great program for Picture Book Month (November).
  • A “Thank-You” to be remembered: Students will learn the elements of a great thank-you note using the acronym THANKS. Each child will use the formula to create and write a thank-you note for an imaginary gift they draw out of a hat.
  • I Love to Read! Finding YOUR genre passion. A challenging presentation defining the different genres as students discover which is their favorite. Add a workshop where children are challenged to read one book from a number of genres by a certain date. Sharon, along with teachers/librarian, will help the children use the library to find and choose appropriate books to complete their challenge list.
  • Journaling is More Than an Assignment: 101 ways to journal—find your unique mode of expression.
  • Finding Your Voice: Experience change right before your eyes as you learn the benefits of standing out from the crowd.
  • Readings & Signings: These options may stand alone or be combined with other programs.

Staff Presentations & Workshops

  • Into the Woods: Benefits for teacher and students when nature is included in your curriculum. Lots take-away ideas.
  • If You Tell Them...: Classroom activities to help children to utilize strengths and weaknesses to thrive.
  • Storytime For All Ages: Incorporating picture books into your curriculum to teach virtues and values.
  • The Value of Imagination and Creativity: Discover the “real” value and benefits of creativity and imagination.

 Fees and Scheduling

Please fill download our questionnaire and email to sharon@carousel-publishing to secure your date. Or call 903-871-9872.

Fees: The amounts below may be higher or lower depending upon your particular needs. All programs are customized to meet your goals and expectations.

                    Keynote: $800

                    School Program: 1/2 day $500, full day $800

  • Mileage fees are charged for events over 25 miles from Tyler, TX
  • Overnight fees may apply for events over 100+ miles from Tyler, TX

 "I can't wait to share my messages and magic with your group." - Sharon

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