Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual! Presentation about bullying

School Presentations for K-5  by Sharon Thayer
In-person and virtual presentations are both available.
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All Ms. Sharon's presentations are customized for your curriculum, grade(s), audience size, and goals. Many topics can be tailored from a half-hour talk to a full-day presentation/workshop format.

Educational Standards/Core Requirements.
Writing skills: sequencing, parts of a story, character and setting descriptions, genre options, audience considerations, writing a complete story, following directions, revising, editing, and publishing.
Oral & Listening skills: comprehension, memorization, main and supporting ideas, embellishment, and customization.
Fees are determined by your audience size, program length, and specific needs. All programs are customized to meet your goals and expectations.
Mileage fees are charged for events over 25 miles from Tyler, TX
Per Diem fees apply for events over 100+ miles from Tyler, TX

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"I can't wait to share my messages and magic with your students.
Never stop believing!" Ms. Sharon