Book Reviews


Sharon Thayer and Marci Chambers' creative energies are clearly represented in the children's story The Myth of Santa's Beard. This charming and magical journey takes the reader on a years worth of outstanding good behavior by children and results in an extraordinarily long and curly beard worn by Santa. What will he do with this out of control beard? This story will be appreciated by families as they attempt to instill positive behavior in their children. Worth the read!
- Anna Kalkwarf, Librarian


This is such a special journey to take these children on. Thank you so much for the bright eyes and happy smiles you bring to our nieces, nephews and grand kids.
- Linda H., Grandmother and Preschool Teacher


What a delightful story! The "little kids" in me loved reading The Myth of Santa's Beard, and now I am making my list of all the children I know who would love this sweet book as a holiday gift!
- Donna DeNomme, award-winning, internationally published author of Turtle Wisdom and Ophelia's Oracle


WOW! What an awesome story! Thank you for letting me read it! You are an excellent author.
-Alicia Beabout, Kindergarten Teacher


The book is exquisite, with a genuinely VIBRANT story. The artwork is absolutely spectacular/ What a wonderful package. I appreciate SO MUCH having a copy, and I thank you heartily.
-Jerry Grunska, Author and Literary Professor


Parents will enjoy sharing this heart-warming tale with children as much as children will respond to its original twist.
-Louise Mitchell, Parent and author of Feet Upon the Earth


When I read The Myth of Santa's Beard to the children a part of me felt like a child again. I got chills and it brought tears to my eyes. The feeling of believing is overwhelming! Thank you for bringing back the magic.
- Melanie B., Child Care Center Director


They loved it, they loved it, they loved it!
- Annaliza D., mother of two


With the sheer delight of ‘fairy gold’, this story gives kids a reason to be good!
- Grandma Suzi


Read the enchanting poem, gaze at the mystical artwork and find a wondrous surprise that is sure to delight both the young and the young at heart. A triumph! A must-have! A charming story to be cherished through the years.
- Debbie S., mother of three and grandmother or one


The book itself made me want to read it and read it and so on. I would recommend this book to other children. We liked when it grows so long if you tell no lies and only the truth. That’s one book!
- Krista and Lisa, ages 7 & 8


I like when the elves and Mrs. Claus made a plan to snip Santa’s beard and give it to the little girls and boys!
- Angela, age 6