Our Story

Sharon Thayer, CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and Author

Every story has a beginning and Sharon’s author story begins just after September 11, 2001 when her business went down as surely and as quickly as the Twin Towers. With the dust settled and empty pockets Sharon and her youngest daughter Jessica sat down to brainstorm. They wondered if perhaps there was something they could do to generate income and help bring a brighter Christmas to others.

Early the next morning, Sharon woke with a story exploding in her head. Immediately, she put it to paper, titling it, The Story of Santa’s Beard. With a dyslexic history, Sharon had never dreamed of being an author. In fact, she has always struggled with reading, but there it was, a magical story, begging to be put into the hands of little believers. 

The next two months were spent visiting childcare centers marketing her story in the form of a "Letter from Santa", with a snippet of beard folded carefully inside. After a busy few week preparing and sending out Santa letters, Sharon delivered the last batch to the post office two days before Christmas. She had earned enough money to pay her bills and purchase each of her children a small present for under the tree. Little did she know, the greatest gift ̶ a new career ̶ was under the tree waiting for her. 

 A couple years later, as owner of a nature-based childcare center in the Colorado mountains, Sharon discovered that stories were the perfect place to plant positive messages and words of wisdom for children to discover. During the next ten years, in the little spare time she had ̶ mostly very late at night ̶ she filled a file cabinet drawer with stories. 

Today, Sharon is a full-time author, speaker, publisher, and grandmother. In her award-winning books, cherished around the world, Sharon emphasizes positive values, developing a strong relationship with nature, and creating memorable traditions that build vital family bonds.

The story's ending?  Well, you’ll have to wait. There are many more stories to come before the ending materializes. Meanwhile, Sharon will be hiking life's trails, searching for her next story.


  Jenny Hancey, Graphic Designer. (1977 - 2020)

Note from Sharon: Sadly, Jenny passed away in August of 2020. She was a Colorado native and lived on a small farm in the mountains south of Denver. She was happily married, with one energetic son and was a lover of all animals. She cared for their farm daily, including horses, cats, chickens, geese and anything else that needed love and care. 

Through our nearly 20 years working together she relentlessly pushed me at every level to bring my best to all my projects. Without her, the books you find on this site wouldn't be the quite as magical or quite as wonderful. With every page you turn, the joy she brought to this world lives on.


Reuben McHugh, Illustrator of A Tooth Fairy Named MortTo the Ends of the Earth, and Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual. As a child Reuben picked up a passion for illustration from the influences around him; his parents who both went to Art school and his favorite children’s books, mainly Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry.  He studied Art and Design at Bradford and Lincoln Colleges. After leaving college in 1989 Reuben settled into a job in the greetings card industry and it was there that his passion for illustration really took over. http://www.reubenmchughstudioltd.com/

Andrew Smith, Illustrator of the backstories, A Tooth Fairy Named MortTo the Ends of the Earth, and Wonderfully, Perfectly Unusual. Andrew was born in Liverpool and grew up in this abundantly creative city. Discovering he had a talent for drawing, he studied graphic design and gained a degree from Liverpool University. He went on to build a career illustrating greeting cards and more, recently children’s books. Andrew now lives in West Yorkshire, England with his family and enjoys hill walking in his free time. https://www.asmithillustration.com/


Frank Pryor, Illustrator of the backstory of The Story of Santa's Beard. This dynamic and versatile freelance illustrator was not born with a pencil in his hand, but finds it hard to remember a time when sketching was not his passion. A Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast, Frank lives in Denver with his wife and "muse" of 25 years, Yvonne, their four children and five grandchildren. https://www.artpal.com/fepryor   


Marci Chambers, Illustrator of The Story of Santa's Beard. Marci Haynes Chambers, aka M. Haynes Scott, has been making her living as a professional artist for the past 30 years. Painting holiday windows for retail stores while in Junior High School was her first art income. Marci's art has been featured on posters, books and magazines, steins, clothing, greeting cards and more. She spent her early years on the beach in La Jolla, but has traded the ocean and city life for the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She now lives at 9500 feet on a ranch in South Park with her husband, dog and 3 horses. Working time evolves around her many art clients. Marci spends her free time riding, skiing, doing the endless ranch chores or with her 3 grown children.


 Linda Nagy, Illustrator of If You Tell Me, I Can Fly! Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Linda has been fascinated with art since childhood. She attended the University of Georgia where she earned BFA and MFA degrees in graphic design. Her career began at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, MO where she designed greeting cards in watercolor media. Now retired in South Park, Colorado Linda writes and publishes Colorado Nature books.