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CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and Author, Sharon Thayer

Every story has a beginning and this story begins just after September 11, 2001 when Sharon’s business went down as surely and as quickly as the Twin Towers. With the dust settled and empty pockets Sharon and her youngest daughter, Jessica, sat down to brainstorm. They wondered if maybe there was something they could do to generate income and to help bring a brighter Christmas to others.

The following morning Sharon woke with a story exploding in her head. She put it to paper, titling it,The Myth of Santa’s Beard. Sharon had never dreamed of writing children’s stories. With a dyslexic history she didn't even like to read, but there it was, a magical story, begging to be put into the hands of little believers. 

The next two months were spent going to daycare centers marketing her story in the form of a Letter from Santa, with a snippet of beard folded carefully inside. With a very cramped writing hand Sharon delivered the last letters to the post office two day before Christmas, then returned home with a smile, presents for her children, and a new career.

 A few years later as the owner of a child care center Sharon discovered that fun stories were the perfect place to plant positive messages and words of wisdom to pass along to children. In the little spare time she found during the next ten years she filled her file cabinet with stories.

As a full time author, publisher, and grandmother, Sharon’s goals are to spread joy, magic, and wisdom with her books that reach out to children of all ages.

The story's ending?  She’s just getting started! 

Books coming soon include;

Special Days Collection                                                               

A Tooth Fairy Named Mort, Cupid’s Reminder, When the Easter Bunny Gets the Flu, What the Scare Crow Knows.

Scribbling Sage Collection                                                                                           

The Biggest Dream, The Hole Story, Catch Me Moon, The Kerfuffle of the Flibbertigibbet, To the Ends of The Earth



Illustrator, The Myth of Santa's Beard

Marci Chambers

Marci Haynes Chambers, aka M. Haynes Scott, has been making her living as a professional artist for the past 30 years. Painting holiday windows for retail stores while in Junior High School was her first art income. Marci's art has been featured on posters, books and magazines, steins, clothing, greeting cards and more.

She spent her early years on the beach in La Jolla, but has traded the ocean and city life for the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She now lives at 9500 feet on a ranch in South Park with her husband, dog and 3 horses. Working time evolves around her many art clients. Marci spends her free time riding, skiing, doing the endless ranch chores or with her 3 grown children.

To see more of her art or to contact Marci please visit her website www.mhaynesscott.com




Illustrator, The Backstory of The Myth of Santa's Beard 

Frank Pryor

This dynamic and versatile freelance illustrator was not born with a pencil in his hand, but finds it hard to remember a time when sketching was not his passion.  
A Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast, Frank lives in Denver with his wife and 
"muse" of 25 years, Yvonne, their four children and five grandchildren.



Illustrator, If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!

Linda Nagy 

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Linda has been fascinated with art since childhood. She attended the University of Georgia where she earned BFA and MFA degrees in graphic design. Her career began at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, MO where she designed greeting cards in watercolor media. 

Returning to Georgia, she worked for several years as a layout artist before establishing a retail and direct marketing business with her husband, Bernie. In their off time they traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe, South America, and New Zealand, as Linda’s eclectic style constantly evolved and reflected new techniques and influences. The rich tapestry of events in Linda’s life has influenced her art, but color is the dominate feature which permeates all of her work.

Now retired in South Park, Colorado Linda and Bernie write and publish Colorado Nature books. Their successes include two award-winning coffee table photo books; Colorado’s South Park: High Country Paradise, with three first place Colorado Independent Publishers’ EVVY awards and two International Book Awards in 2010,and South Park, Colorado: Nature’s Paradise claiming three first place CIPA EVVY Awards plus the prestigious Past President’s Award.  Their latest project published in 2013 is Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Field Guide.

Linda’s artwork may be seen at www.HighCountryArtworks.com.   



Sharon Roe

So there I was, sitting in 10th grade English with my paper all ready to hand in for my usual A when the teacher said, “This semester, we’re going to try peer editing. Pass your paper to the person on your left.” Twenty minutes later, I was facing a big, fat D. The girl sitting next to me had been ruthless, bleeding red comments all over the page. But after my emotions calmed, I saw she was right. Spot on. No doubt about it, she’d nailed my gushy attempt at analyzing Thoreau for what it was: fluff. In the following weeks, she was just as tough on my writing, tougher than any teacher had ever been, and thus I learned. Slowly my writing improved, and finally, after ten more papers, the girl to my left gave me that elusive A.

Since then, I’ve earned a BA in English Literature, organized the kid’s program at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui for children ages 4-12, taught English as a Second Language in Japan and at several community colleges in Texas, and brought up three girls. These days, as a freelance editor, I edit academic papers, long and short works of fiction, newsletters, and newspaper and magazine articles. I’m also a writer and editor for Flair! Magazine and am working on a novel and a children’s book. Still in love with composing, refining, and pruning the written word, I’m very thankful the teacher didn’t say, “Pass your papers to the right.”


Graphic Designer

Jenny Hancey

Jenny is a Colorado native, and received a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1995 from Colorado State University. She owns her own graphic design studio, and works on various projects, including logo design, magazine ads, brochures, websites, book layouts and much more. She considers herself lucky to be able to do what she loves every day! 

Jenny is happily married, with one energetic son, and is a lover of all animals. She cares for their small farm daily, including horses, cats, chickens, geese and anything else that needs love and care.

Her online portfolio can be viewed at www.HanceyDesign.com.