A Tooth Fairy Named Mort - Reviews

   A Tooth Fairy Named Mort

Truly one of the BEST books of the year! "Sit back, snuggle up and be prepared to answer every question your child ever had about the tooth fairy. This book will become a family favorite for Years to Come." Suzanne Lively, Librarian

Magical with breathtaking illustrations. "I cannot quite put into words how magical this book has been for my daughter! All her questions at this age answered. Beliefs affirmed. The illustrations are breathtaking and the backstory is beautiful. Truly a talented author, and story that every young child needs to hold close!"  L.M. Marshall                                                                                         

Beautiful book! "We have had this beautiful book for a while now but reading it tonight was extra special. My daughter lost her first tooth and she couldn’t wait to get home and read about Mort again. Once again, we were in awe of the illustrations and spent time closely examining each page. The story answers all of the questions a young child has about the tooth fairy and enriches the experience of losing a tooth. We love this and the author’s book, Santa’s Beard. I highly encourage this book purchase for anyone with a child nearing the toothless stage." Amazon Review   

A Tooth Fairy Named Mort is a beautiful, magical story revealing the answers to all your questions about fairyland. The rhythmic words float off the page and go straight to the heart. This book has some of the most wonderful illustrations I’ve seen, so plan to get cozy and linger on the pages to soak up all the intricate details. Destined to be a classic. Children will ask you to read it to them again and again, and as a mother and grandmother, I assure you it will be your pleasure. Brinda Carey, Author

Finally, a story that explains how it all takes place! A heartwarming, beautifully illustrated story for children and adults alike. We all need to hear the message of "letting go of the old to make room for the new." Highly recommend this magical piece of literature! Suzanne J. Young