"The Story of Santa’s Beard" (6"x 9") softcover

Carousel Publishing


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State & National Award-Winning Book

ISBN # 978-0-9766239-6-0
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Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 32
For ages 3+

Loved for its traditional Christmas message The Story of Santa’s Beard leads children into the magical world of Santa, as it also transports adults back to a time when the magic was theirs.

Synopsis: There is a problem growing – literally growing – at the North Pole because children around the world are being good. Santa’s beard grows a little each time children share, play fair, do their best, tell the truth… Soon, because so many children are good every day, Santa’s beard gets so long he can hardly walk, or talk, and he can’t make the toys! But those smart little elves come up with a plan. In the end all Santa has to do is choose the best kids from his “Good List” to receive a snippet of his long beard.

Children squeal with delight when they discover their very own snippet of Santa's beard, tied with red ribbon and included in the book. This book and the special gift will be treasured every Santa believing year and beyond.

 Raving Reviews

 "You created a masterpiece that should be under the tree of every child in America."   Caleb Pirtle III, author of over 70 books

“A triumph! A must-have!  A charming story to be cherished through the years.”                          — Debbie Schorger, Mother and Grandmother

“What a delightful story! The ‘little kid’ in me loved reading The Myth of Santa’s Beard.”  —Donna DeNomme, International award-winning author of Turtle Wisdom and Ophelia’s Oracle 

“This very positive book will now be a part of our Christmas tradition!”  — Amazon reviewer

“Sharon has "knocked the ball over the fence" on her first "at bat" with her creative and unique Christmas book, The Myth of Santa's Beard. Anyone with young children will want this book the minute they see its special surprise ending.”  — Marvin S. Mayer, Author of Sammy the Squirrel and other children’s books

“This is a MAGICAL book! It keeps the spirit of Christmas alive all year long! I recommend it to all who believe!!!” — Laura Rickert, Mother of four boys

“I told my mom I was good. See, Santa knew!”  — Angie, age 6

“With the sheer delight of ‘fairy gold,’ this story gives kids a reason to be good!”  — Grandma Suzi

“The book is exquisite, with a genuinely VIBRANT story. The artwork is absolutely spectacular. What a wonderful package!”   — Jerry Grunska, Author and Literary Professor

“We like when it grows so long if you tell no lies and only the truth. That’s one book!” — Krista and Lisa, ages 7 & 8 

Sharon and Marci’s creative energies are clearly represented in The Myth of Santa’s Beard. This story will be appreciated by families as they attempt to instill positive behavior in their children.  — Anna Kalkwarf, Librarian

“This is such a special journey for children. Thank you so much for the bright eyes and happy smiles you bring to our students, nieces, nephews, and grand kids.” — Linda Hoiland, Preschool Teacher & Grandmother