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As an author my mission is to produce books that offer quality-of-life messages to assist in the building of strong foundations upon which children will build their lives. The goal of this blog is to share insights and ideas between those of us who are responsible for raising our children. We must provide a strong, supportive team.

Raising children has never been an easy task, but in our fast changing world, the challenges have become increasingly complex. But the basics of what children need has not changed over time.

At age 63 I have learned a lot about raising children and I certainly didn’t do everything right.   Raising three children as a single mother and being in the childcare business for 10 years, as teacher and owner, I have racked up a lot of experience. Through this time, I have come to believe two things.

First, I believe we need to help each child focus on their individual strengths and passions as we assist them in building a strong foundation, (their launching pad) of ethics and values.

Second, I believe some of our children are falling through the cracks because they do not have the support systems that were in place in our families, extended families, and communities, not so long ago. We need to consciously help to build a safety net for each and every child.

Never stop believing!


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