Who will you be this Halloween?

Who will you be this Halloween?

On Halloween morning, children everywhere will wake up knowing they can be anything they dream of being. A princess, a superhero, a ghost from the past, someone powerful, scary, beautiful, or funny. Or even someone from another world.

As adults, we know we can't wake up tomorrow and be the person of our fantasy. Or can we?

When you get up tomorrow and look in the mirror, ask yourself if you are the person you dreamed of being?

Is there a superhero with powers unique only to you just below the surface, waiting to come out and make our world a better place? Or a princess who's ready to escape the tower and use her gentle powers to change lives. Or maybe, there is a creature with many arms yearning to reach out to others and heal broken hearts.

Or perhaps, there is a clown inside who suddenly realizes the box he's been in is only imaginary, and he is now free to express antics and hilarity that will bring much-needed smiles to a stressed-out world.

When you wake up tomorrow and look in the mirror, even if it's not Halloween, ask yourself, if you could be anyone, who would you be? You have the right mask. Are you being the right character?

This morning, I looked in the mirror and realized I wanting to be an author who spends more time planting seeds with words.

Who do you want to be?

Start today.

                  Never stop believing!  Ms. Sharon

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