Periods or Commas?

Periods or Commas?

Periods or Commas?

Not too long ago I decided I could do some of my own editing and save a little in the budget. I started by researching rules about periods and didn’t find much I didn’t know. Periods are easy.

Next, I googled commas and discovered there are lots of rules for commas. The more I googled the more rules I found. Commas are hard.

Then, I started to wonder how many times in my life I had used a period because it was easy?

I quit.
I’m finished.
I can’t do it.
I’m not good enough.
It wasn’t meant to be.
It’s too hard.

That’s a lot of periods. What if I had used commas even though they may have been harder?

I quit for today, but tomorrow I’ll try again.
I’m finished trying to do it myself, I’ll get some help.
I can’t do it with the knowledge I have, but I can get more information.
I’m not good enough, yet.
It wasn’t meant to be right now, but with time I’ll succeed.
It’s too hard to do all at once, perhaps I will succeed by breaking it into smaller projects.

Where would I be now? How different would my life be now if I had used more commas and fewer periods?

Are you using periods in your life where you could be using commas?

Never stop believing in yourself!

                                 Ms. Sharon

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