NEW BLOG: Notes from a Scribbling Sage

Notes from a Scribbling Sage

Welcome to my new blog!

As a children’s book author, past owner of a nature-based childcare center, and fairy whisperer, my goal is to inspire children and their loved ones to go outdoors and discover the wonders of nature, to explore their creativity and imagination, and to bond with each other through new and age-old traditions.

I will share stories, activities, and sage advice as we work together to help our children build foundations that will support their wildest dreams.

Be sure to look for:

  • Monthly website specials for blog readers only!
  • FREE give-aways
  • Activity ideas
  • FREE downloads

I hope to see you every month. If you can't visit because you are too busy, I hope that business includes hiking, biking, kayaking, walking in the rain, or watching the birds at your bird feeder. 

                                           Dream big and never stop believing!

                                                                         Ms. Sharon

Bio: Sharon’s journey from dyslexic, non-reading child to national award-winning author has been an adventure filled with all the dramatic twists and turns of a great story. During her years as owner of a nature-based childcare center, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, she discovered the importance of teaching beyond the basics. Immersed in the magic of nature children easily learn respect, values, tolerance, and passion. It was there, in the mountains with the children, where she discovered her passion and creativity for children’s stories that bring awareness, inspiration, and joy to children as the develop into who they are meant to be.

Contact info: Sharon@Carousel-Publishing or 903-871-9872

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