Nature Projects: Exploring SUCCESS in plants and animals.

Nature Projects: Exploring SUCCESS in plants and animals.

Head out into nature to see beautiful examples of success.

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt (Click link to print your list and directions) Fun for a fun activity for the whole family!
  2. Plant some flower or vegetable seeds. Help the seeds be successful. Give them water, sunshine, encouragement (yes, plants like to be talked to), and celebrate when they bloom or produce food that you can enjoy.
  3. Take a nature walk and look for signs of plants and animals being successful. Baby birds, a fat caterpillar ready to make a chrysalis, a butterfly who has recently emerged, new plants blooming…
  4. Purchase a butterfly kit. It comes with caterpillars and everything you need to watch them go through metamorphosis:

For other nature projects (like the butterfly feeder above) check out Nature Watch:

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