May: Success and Celebration!

May: Success and Celebration!

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May: Success and Celebration!

We celebrate success throughout the year, but May holds an abundance of opportunities to honor the successful: graduations, continuations, marriages, anniversaries, Mother’s Day...

This year Covid19 has set the stage to celebrate success in very different ways. But, no matter what the situation is, celebrations must take place. Just as the dream, the goals, the hard work, and the failures along the way are essential parts of the process, so is the celebration at the end. Dive into your imagination and you will find the perfect way to celebrate.

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3 Easy Ways to Raise Goal-focused Children

1. Lead by example. Your actions always speak louder than your words. Share your dreams, the goals you set to reach them, and the steps along the way with your children. Let them see you work hard, make progress, get discouraged, and yet keep going. And at the end, include them in your joy of celebration!

2. Make goal setting a family activity. Start helping your children set goals when they are young and make it a regular habit throughout their childhood. Here is a Goal Action-Plan Worksheet to download.  

3. Encourage children to surround themselves with positive influences. From motivational pictures on their bathroom mirror to friends and family who will encourage and support them. Be sure you are one of those positive influences. Tell them often, because if you tell them, they will fly! 

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  • Jen H. - May 19, 2020

    My success for May: Being able to take a look at my work and my life in a different light. Taking more TIME to evaluate the quality of my work, what it means to me and to my clients, and how I can move FORWARD.

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