Help fund Santa's ministries!

Help fund Santa's ministries!

Let's support Santa's ministries!

Watching the CBS Sunday Morning feature on Discover Santa 2016 reminded me of the many Santas and Mrs. Claus’ I met during that week who have wonderful, giving missions.

To honor Santa groups and to help fund the many ways they spread Santa Magic during the holidays I would like to give 25% of purchases through October 31st of The Myth of Santa’s Beard books, from friends and supporters of Santa groups, back to the organizations.

If you belong to a Santa organization, please contact me to set up a code that will track your supporter’s on-line purchases. If someone forgets to enter the tracking code, no problem, just call and we will give you credit. Payments will be sent to your groups by November 15th with plenty of time to support your 2016 projects.

We will be happy to send pictures, synopsis, or anything else to help you share this national award-winning book.

The offer applies to all retail editions of the book,

  •  6”x 9” softcover that includes a mailing envelope  $9.95
  •  9”x 11” hardcover  $19.99
  •  9"x 11" hardcover Collector Edition $99.99
  • 11” x 17” Big Book for reading to groups. Individual Book or Entertainment Package  $25.99-$39.99

Together we can spread even more Santa magic.

Never stop believing!



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