Do You Have Valentine’s Day Traditions?

Do You Have Valentine’s Day Traditions?

Valentine’s Day Traditions

 There is a lot of history surrounding St. Valentine’s Day that has resulted in different traditions throughout the world. In every variation Valentine’s Day is a special day dedicated to take a little time and effort to show others we care. I think that’s a pretty great idea for a holiday, no matter how it came about or how you choose to celebrate.

 You may have cultural, religious, or just fun Valentine’s Day traditions that have been passed down through your family, but if you don’t – now is the perfect time to start your own traditions.

 Hold a brainstorming session to come up with ideas that would provide a unique change to your regular routine. Think of something with a specific purpose relating to the holiday such as an activity that everyone involved can participate in and enjoy. It can be simple or elaborate, the benefits are the same.

Here are four ways traditions can be beneficial:

           1- they create lasting memories bolstering a sense of belonging and  individual identity

            2 - they strengthen family bonds

            3 - they teach values and sometimes cultural and religious heritage

            4 - they provide an event to look forward to, tapping into planning skills and the art of patience. 

 When my children were young we sent Valentine cards to grandparents, aunts, and uncles made with pink and red construction paper, lace paper doilies, and lots of glue. On Valentine’s Day, the kids helped made red Jello in heart shaped molds for a special part of our dinner. They also pitched in to set the table with Valentine napkins and a theme center piece to surprise dad when he came home from work. After dinner, each child received a special Valentine candy gift for desert – just in case they didn’t get enough candy from their school parties.

None of this was elaborate or expensive, but it created memories, it taught my children to take the time to tell or show others they care, it gave them something to look forward to, and it strengthened our family bonds.

 Just the other day I came across those heart shaped Jello molds and although they are a little worse-for-ware, they stirred memories in my heart that will never fade. The kids and grandkids won’t be here for Valentine’s Day this year, but I will make red heart shaped Jello – after all, it is tradition!

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