A Celebration of the Leaves!

A Celebration of the Leaves!

Jumping into a big pile of fall leaves isn't an activity I do at my age. Still, I almost feel like I'm there as I tap into my memories of crisp days raking leaves into a pile to jump into or to bury myself for a quiet moment feeling the solitude, smelling the rich scent, and listening for the rustling of the leaves as someone comes close enough so I can jump out and scare them.

But, throughout my life, my favorite fall activity has been to search for the prettiest leaf to press between waxed paper or the pages of a book, where I could cherish its colors into the winter days.

I never question why I played in the leaves or saved the best ones, but it's obvious to me now. As I hike along, searching for a colorful leaf, run my fingers over its veins, and touch its smooth surface to my cheek, I realize that I have been performing rituals to honor the life purpose of the leaves and the trees since childhood.

In the spring, the bright green leaves bring the promise of new beginnings, their cool summer shade brings relaxing moments and perhaps an apple, pear, or juicy peach, and in the fall, the final celebration of trees life's purpose paints the landscape in every direction.

This fall, I hope you have the chance to watch children performing the fall ritual of gratitude. Without a conscience awareness, they express their celebration and appreciation perfectly.

As you search for the most beautiful leaf this season, think about your life's purpose. Is it clear in your mind? What colors will you leave behind? Mindfully, take steps to assure you are moving in the direction that will paint the landscape of your life.

Never stop believing,

Ms. Sharon

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